Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deacon makes his pony club debut!

I have some very exciting news from team Defying Gravity Eventing. Young horse, Paint It Black (known around the farm as 'Deacon') competed in his first USPC Maryland Region rally. Since he has had some difficulty in the show jumping phase, I thought this was a great opportunity to take him to Show Jumping Rally for the extra exposure. However, I forgot how difficult it is to get a grey-paint 'pony club clean.' Despite the two-hour bath, Deacon was on his best behavior and gained quite the fan club! He did not receive a single point off on Horse Management, and had 3 beautiful rounds! The courses were quite challenging, and Deacon handled the questions with skill far exceeding his age. In fact, his rounds were so good that he qualified for East Coast Championships! Unfortunately I had to decline since it is the same weekend as the NAYRC** competition in Lexington, KY. Now more than ever do I wish I could be in two places at one time.

Now on to a busy Saturday at Waredaca Horse Trials... Willy will be competing in Intermediate and Deacon will be going training. Hope to see you there!

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