Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Mend...

Well there are positives and negatives about not blogging for hmm, two months? The positives - life has been so crazy and DGE has a bunch of new horses and students in full swing. The bad news - I haven't kept anyone updated and really haven't gotten a good night's sleep in weeks! Today is my first day off in I have no idea how long, and I had the guilty pleasure of sleeping in until 7:30am and to blog, all before I have to ride the boys and clean the house/trailer in preparation for this weekend's competition at Seneca with the big boys.

So here goes nothing... you will have to excuse the typos and grammar errors

After spending a longer than anticipated time in Aiken, SC (with skyrocketing hay prices and two very hungry ponies) my pockets were feeling a bit on the light side, so the plan was to take March and absorb all I had learned lessoning and competing in the south, then a quick run in April then Jersey Fresh ** and Virginia *. But that was the problem... I planned. And as anyone that works with horses will tell you, you can NEVER plan with horses. So as lessons were picking up in March and April, I decided to enter Plantation Field for a positive run on what is typing great footing on an "old-school" gallop type course. But these plans came to an abrupt halt when, while schooling a student's horse, I jammed by hand and broke the bone between my wrist and pinkie finger. Essentially the horse lunged forward and took off around the arena, and in the initial lunge my weight was thrown forward onto my hand and snap! A clean break on my left hand. As most riders would do, I stayed on and finished the ride... and of course the horse was absolutely perfect thereafter. I felt a shooting pain in my hand and really wasn't able to move my pinkie ... so off to the hospital I went. Fun times. Six weeks in a cast from my fingers to about half way up my forearm. With this injury I promised myself I would be good. I would take the time off and allow the bone to fully heal... lord knows I don't need another part of my body to tell me when it is going to rain. The big boys were sent off to Sally Cousins so that they could stay in shape and run around Plantation. Big THANK YOU Sally! The boys stayed up in PA for about two weeks, and then competed at Plantation. Deacon was the first horse of the day and put in a very solid dressage test, followed up with a picture perfect show jumping round. After his round, Deacon was in first place in the open preliminary! Not too bad! The weather started to deteriorate rapidly as the day went on, though luckily Willy went into the ring shortly thereafter. Willy kept it relatively together in the dressage and then put forth another clear show jumping round to finish in 5th! Yay boys!

Another great development in the DGE team was selling of Barrett Warner's little filly Havannah to Grave Fulton at Full Moon Farm. I am really sad to see Havannah go because she is such a talented little girl, but if anyone will utilize her talents while having an absolute blast with the mare, its Grace. Grace, take care of my little girl! (I know you will!) I look forward to seeing them out and about at events!

New developments for DGE students (If I miss anyone, please let me know and I will add you in): New student Kelsey placed 3rd in the Open Training at Rubicon, Hayley Mullen qualified for USPC national championships in show jumping with her new mount Holly AND earned 4th place in equitation, student Rebecca Toms qualified for USPC national championships in eventing at the novice level with the second best score of the weekend (and Rebecca completed her first novice event at MCTA), Christa Shive placed 3rd at her first event out this year at BN, Lauren Drenning placed 2nd at MCTA at novice, Eliza had a very positive first competition at Full Moon, the Jacksons are enjoying the horses I paired them with (found while working at Colleen Rutledge's farm) and are heading towards Loudoun Hunt PC camp next week, Ellie, Taylor, and Rachel also had great rounds at show jumping for a very positive weekend. Student Janet Dyer had a great first competition at Petticoat's dressage show earning her first two ribbons ever! My mom and student Janice Sendak earned two blue ribbons in her Intro tests A and B at the same competition. All of my other students continue to progress and are looking great going into the summer months!

So now things are back in full swing. I competed at MCTA with the boys - Deacon had a fabulous go around preliminary and Willy placed 5th in Intermediate. Not too bad with a broken hand! Next we are headed to Seneca for a nice refresher course this Saturday! I also started serving at the Greene Turtle in Hunt Valley, so my schedule is very tight! I will try to give more updates shortly, but it is time for me to head to the barn!

Until then!