Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spring Recap

Hello DGE followers!

And thus ends our spring eventing season. If nothing else, horses are humbling creatures. They let us know - despite all of our time, money, work, and sacrifice - things will never go as planned.

There were certainly highs and lows to our spring season. Willy is without a doubt a confirmed, competitive intermediate horse. He jumped around the hardest courses in the country with ease, and if we can just get his dressage consistent - he will be tough to beat! He jumped around the majority of Jersey Fresh with no difficulties whatsoever, and is looking to be in top shape for the summer season. His goals are to hit Stuart CIC** in July, then the Advanced at Millbrook in August. If we can raise enough funding we will travel to the AECs in Georgia in September, and finish with the Fair Hill CCI** in October. Big plans for a little pony!

Deacon also had an up and down spring season. After some super performances at the toughest events in Area II and III, we had a bit of a mishap over a gallop fence at Longleaf. Long story short Deacon really hurt his back and hip, although he was never lame. He continued to jump for me but something was definitely not right, and he began to stop at the last minute. After an uncharacteristic showing at MCTA, I called the vet out. After a couple of acupuncture/chiropractor treatments Deacon was night-and-day different! He even jumped out of his field (away from his BFF Willy) to visit the girls. He is back in full swing and will be competing at training level the next couple of times out before moving back up to preliminary. His big goal is the P3D at Midsouth in October!

I came home to all of my wonderful students who look better than ever! Lessons are underway and we've even had some great showings at pony club rallies, events, and horse shows! Look out for DGE students kicking some boot-tay at an event near you! So proud of all my kids. Specific updates will be posted soon!

The newest project for DGE is forming a syndicate to purchase Teddy O'Connor's full brother, Theodore Al Coda. Coda is a 5 year old stallion currently owned by Christan Trainor. Christan has done a wonderful job with Coda, but is leaving the country. So I now have this wonderful opportunity! I strongly encourage you to tell everyone you know, we have an affordable syndicate set up! And would like to bring Coda home in the next couple of weeks. Please contact me directly 443 610 7221 for more information.

Our next competition is Seneca! We are returning from some well deserved vacation time (well the boys are... I never get a vacation!) and look forward to a great weekend. Until then!

Courtney Sendak

<3 Yeardley Love