Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Five Points Horse Trials @ Carolina Horse Park

Willy was quite the superstar this weekend. He competed in the OI division earning a career low of 37 in dressage. The cross country was quite big! Many of the jumps were very solid, with lots of galloping! Willy rose to the challenge and jumped around CLEAN, though he is still quite inexperienced at this level, so he acquired some time penalties which dropped him from 5th to 9th. Willy led off the intermediate show jumping in good form, with just one slight miscommunication into the final combination. He finished the event in 9th, yet again in a field full of the country's top level riders.

Deacon also put forth a solid showing, on a course which almost mirrored that of the Training Championships!!! Dressage was workmanlike as usual, placing him in the top 6. Show Jumping was in perfect form, until Deacon encountered his first one stride-one stride triple combination. Cross country was very difficult both in technical elements and size, and Deacon preformed quite nicely once again. I'm looking forward to really pushing him at the next event, because I now feel he is grasping the 'training level' questions quite well. Though in typical warmblood fashion, it is quite difficult to 'get his engine going.' There is always some
thing to work on!

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draj11 said...

Congratulations to you and Willy. Having attended myself, I can attest to the difficulty of the XC course!